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Twilight 16-2-10

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Hi all,

Firstly an apologies to the DH crew for not running timing tonight but if the 8hr goes well we will be that much closer to being ale to pay for the stuff needed to start the new DH trail so I'm sure you all understand

Big Congrats to Serries winners
DH: 1. Luke Newcombe. 2. Matt Walker and 3. Me (somehow....)
XC: 1, Rich Campbell 2. Craig Barns 3. Phil Stapleton.

Over all I think I take it out proving once again that a good score keeper beats a good rider every time

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2-3-10 CTMBC Twilight Results

Cillian backed up from winning the State DH at Thredbo on Sunday and came out to kick our butts in DH (on a slightly shorter course due to some one not being able to wind a cable up properly) and then go on to take second in the XC.

Luke Newc had a great run for Second with Skinny rounding out the podium.

XC times were all fast with Watto smashing out another lap record, 8.41, and most other riders posting personal bests.

Dan won the day with a 26.55 with Cillian in second, 28.45, and Poppo Third, 29.16

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Twilight 16-2-09

OK all, a small dh field but times were damn fast. Followed by our biggest club xc to date.

great to see so many new and old faces enjoying Lidsdale while we still have it.

Some very competitive racing all round

Cheers to DanB for getting the results sorted

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Twilight 3-2-2010

Another good race. Great to see more new faces showing up every race.

With numbers the way they are I think we will go back to a start grid arrangement to clean up the start a bit
The grid will be based on the previous race results. If you missed a race we'll slot you in based on previous times. ie we're not going to throw Watto up the back if he misses 1 race (Tough it could be funny)

So well have 3 riders per row and each row 1 meter apart.

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19-1-2010 Twilight results

Skinny smashed out a great run to take the DH run and Watson smashed everyone to dominate the xc

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Results archive

Hey all it's been pointed out that having old results available to compare times might be interesting

As the tracks are forever changing it only a rough indicator but may be of interest.

Anyway there here they are... Mostly

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Well done Joel

Just heard from Kylie. Joel has taken 2nd place in U15s at the National Chmaps.

Message just in from Gaz. Karvarik, Oconner. 1 2
Hill crashed just before the line which put him back to 5th

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5-1-10 Twilight results

First round of 2010 and first race back for Dan the man Watson in I think 2 seasons.

He smashes out a lap record on the first lap....

Nice riding Watto.

Richie and Barnsie had a ding dong battle for second and third respectively.

I actually completed a round and felt even felt good on the last lap.... Odd

Results attached point score to come (Thanks Dan Blowes)

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Twilight 8/12/09 results

Barnsie Increases his lead in the XC point score and the Big Ranga pulled out a win int he down hill

Full results

Best Mountain Bike