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Back Yamma 100

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Had a great day, bunged my shoulder in the first 10 mins. Kept on going and finished in around 6:30:00
Decided to head back to Sydney after a little nap.

mY profile is below:

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Great track and no mud!!

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Incorporated the Bigfoot into a weekend road trip with a mate to watch the Panthers v Dragons at Wollongong on Friday night and a drive across through Goulburn, Crookwell, Boorowa and Eugowra on Saturday. Not the best pre-race regime I've ever put together, but a quiet night on Saturday after dinner at Parkes Leagues club meant a reasonably fresh start on Sunday morning.

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Well another Mt Lambie race survived.

Another big thanks to Clint for inviting us out, providing a kick arse track and running to timing. Thanks to Brad too for the help setting up the arrows and clearing some of the fallen trees.

Mt Lambie... Not sure what everyone else thinks but I reckon its one of the most brutal XC tracks going, hard but doable with a big sense of satisfaction in being able to finish. I really like the track but suffer when trying to race it.

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Nice hit out

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Lovely night for ride.

the stars were out in force as Richard, Meggsie, Charlie and myself headed off around the first half of the Rydal loop. At the far end we headed leftonthe fire trail and took int he new stuff out through the diggings and then followed the railway line out to the highway.

After bit of dicking around trying to avoid the highway itself we gave up and ventured up the tarmac and across Pikes lane back to the western road and then ground our way up to Mt Lambie to Clints place.

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6Ft Track...

Nice Sunday ride with the boys...

Peter, Kevin, Richard and myself embarked on the 6ft track today...

Was a chilly 5deg when I left Blackheath at 7.30 to meet the guys at Peter's place, but that didn't compare to the chilliness of the temps at the top of the Jenolan rd.

We had a great ride, loads of mud, sand and full creeks to cross... lots of wildlife and that silent stillnes that you get when you're out there in the bush.

Enjoy the pics...

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Megalong Sunday Arvo on the Roadie

Just wanted to share some pics of the Megalong Valley... jumped on the roadie to do some km's...
been a bit off colour lately... had 2 flu's and been really busy with the business...
what a gorgeous afternoon... ENJOY!!

the last shot is of our little rabbit Kenji... trying to eat Andy Schleck's head off Smiling... guess someone already did that for him ;-0

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Black range to Megalong

Is anyone interested in riding from the Black Range to megalong on 21 August. I will probably ride up to Blackheath, along the railway lines to Mt Vic and down Berghoffers to Little Hartley.
You need to be reasonably fit. Will be just cruising. Pack lunch.
Meet about 9.30-10am On Jenolan Caves Rd at the picnic area.
Phone if you think you are in.
0418 677 665

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Rydal Win

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It has taken roughly 11 years but, I have finally won a race.
Woo Hoo.
I'm not sure whether my lap times were that good and there was not too many people in the race, but I will take the win.
Pleased Chad wasn't there. Maybe it had something to do with the new tractor. Pivot Mach 429
I have 3 big races over the next 3 months.
Back Yamma in September, Kanangra classic in October and highland Fling in November.

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Tough day on the bike

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I knew I hadn't done as much riding as I would have liked leading into this one but I was feeling pretty good and was reasonably confident.

I got off to a good start up the fire trail and entered the single trail in the lead and settled down into a tempo and rhythm I was comfortable with.

Back out on the fire trail Beggsie blasts past near the top of the hill. I was feeling good and thought of challenging but in my last race (round #1) I rode much better by just sticking to my own tempo so Beggs hits the main ST a little in front of me.

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Lithgow - Capertee Valley

Peter Beggs and myself had a fabulous day out...

Lithgow to Capertee via Blackfellows Hands, Baal Bone Gap, Gardens of Stone NP into Capertee Valley, and to the Hwy @ Capertee.

Weather was exceptional and we had a hoot through some of the most picturesque country around...

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