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Rotorua on Strava

Not a bad app.... makes me look pretty good..... Smiling

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Rotorua Trip Mar 2012

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Well did we have some fun over the last few days...

Spent 27th-31st in awesome Rotorua NZ for a MTB holiday...

we pretty much followed the steps of the AMB boys.

so much fun.... if you are able to make it across one day it is really worth every cent!

some of the days:

have some GoPro imagery that I'll post soon...

see AMB vid here if you missed it

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2012 CTMBC Summer Twilight #9

I finally got around to uploading the rest of the pics Smiling

Here's a few pics i took last night at the track Smiling

more to come as i get time to edit... also have some great GoPro footage... Smiling

if you would like Hi-Res pics, send me an email


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Where have all the mountain bikers gone

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So there I was mucking around on Hassans Walls, cleaning up and riding a few lines I haven't ridden for a while. Nervously I approached the rock ledge "shit can I still do this" I unweighted the front and up I rolled... Hey that was easier than I remember, now for the steps down... Weee

I was having a ball, it had been a while since I'd just had a bit of fun and challenged my myself on some technical obstacles that weren't really on a trail and I started thinking what happened to all the mountain bikers?

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Tarana Loop with the boys...

Fun day out with Beggsy, Glen, Poppo and Duksie...

70km turned into 95k!!! great roads out that way...

Had some trouble finding our way at one stage and did an extra 16km... but its all part of the fun:-)

Duksie found out that he's missed his calling in life...
A rogue ram was running along the highway and he singlehandedly rounded it up and delivered it home to the farmer...
Silly old thing was running along the highway and was in danger of getting smacked into by a car...

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Fun one

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A good strong roll up for this one. Looks like as day light increases so does rider numbers.

Just before the start I realised I had gotten oil on my pads. The rear was doing nothing, the front was best described as a speed retardation device.

For once I got in a small warm up and after the last couple of weeks of sprinting off the start and blowing up halfway around the first lap I tried to settle down on the start and build into it.

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Kanangararara thingy

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Going into this ride I had not had a lot of training with only the one mountain bike ride since my “hospital” exit at the SRAM single track thingy back in September and a handful of lazy road ride commutes to work.

Oberon is a interesting town (featured in the flame trees music vid?) and I was expecting a crowd there on Saturday afternoon, but alas it was pretty calm so we registered and as it was an cracker of an afternoon, we headed out to see the race start and see the sights.

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Gritty litle track tonight

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Tuff little one tonight, and a bit longer than I had thought.

The new section "The Dump" worked well. Lincon and Steve have done a bang up job designing that bit adding that little bit of gnarliness to the over all trail.

I got excited each time we came into it. Woohoo down the high speed start, then I'd groan as the muddy bit ground things down. Then Woohoo as you drop into the next bit, Then Groan as you hit the hill.

Tonights course didn't give much chance to catch a breath but once it drys out it should be one sweet section.

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Tuff one

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Top race tonight.
The new section Richard cut in on the weekend was interesting and will definitely be a nice addition once it beds in.. Over all I think the track was the grippiest it's been. The rain over the weekend done it a world of good.

I got off to an OK start but it didn't take Beggsie long to round me up and push the pace. I tried my best to stay with him but he was riding like a demon. Brett was on my heals too and at the first fire road climb he blew past like I was standing still.

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Kanangra Pre-Ride

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Peter, Kevin, Chris and myself popped over to Kanangra to pre-ride the Kanangra Classic that's coming up in 2 weeks...

Took off from home around 8ish and landed at the start finish area @ Kanangra about 9.15...

It rained all the way out, fog was so thick you could hardly see, and boy it felt like it was -10deg.....

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