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Open Letter to MTBA members

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Dear MTBA Financial Member,

As you may be aware, the MTBA Board has been investigating options for forming a new entity to better represent all cycling disciplines in Australia.

MTBA has strongly represented the interest of our members and the sport of mountain biking in discussions and taken a key role in the ongoing planning with Sport Australia, BMX Australia and Cycling Australia.

These discussions have developed and refined a new proposed model for cycling in Australia, known as AusCycling.

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Sheep station date changed

Due to a clash of dates with Western Sydney MTB we are moving to Saturday the 27th April

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Hazard Reduction Burn At Rydal

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Heads up peeps the hazard burn that was planned for Rydal the week after the 24hr now looks like it will take place the week before. See below While doing trail work it would be good to clear dead fall a few meters either side of the tail to protect it a bit. Leaf and bark should be fine as it will burn through them fairly quick.

Hi Craig & Martin,

Just an update regarding our HR burn at Lidsdale…

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2018 West Cycles Raising money for the Westpac helicopter

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So last year I was conned into doing the West Cycles classic charity ride and as well as the warm fuzzy feelings of being involved in a small group of like minded folk who managed to raise about $100K for the much needed helicopter service I really enjoyed it, so much so I'm doing it again this year.

If you can spare a few dollars towards this worth cause please drop into my fund raising page by following the link below.

And remember every dollar counts so no matter how small the donation it will be appreciated

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