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2016-2017 Tuesday night racing. Rydal

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Tuesday Night Racing at Rydal.

It's bunch of fun

We are fairly relaxed, A grade just means you do more laps, and we encourage every one to have a go.

We don't have podiums or prizes so it's all about getting out there and competing against your own time and your mates and then laughing about it at the BBQ afterwards.

So don't be intimidated by the "race" tag. We all just go out to do our best.

Doing the higher grade with more laps will gain you more series points.

There is a shorter track for juniors when we run the longer loops

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Tour de Range on road Charity ride 20-11-2016

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Tour de range is an annual charity Ride that raises money for local causes. It leaves the Wallerawang bowling club at 9am and follows quiet back roads out through Darkcorner and Sunnycorner, offering great views from the top of the range. All up it is around 90km but as it is out and back you can turn around when ever you like and we will have options for 10km 25km 50km turn around points.

Entry fee is $55 and there is a discount for Families of 2 adults 2 children under 16 or 1 Adult and 3 kids under 16 more information http://ctmbc.net/node/52944

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Sheep Station Cup 24-04-2016

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The Sheep Station Cup was born from the idea of having an event that linked up the usual extended XC loop with some of the other trails in the Lidsdale Forest out the back of Rydal

The original used a 25km loop with options of 1 or 2 laps and offered the winners the coveted Sheep Station in the form of the now rare Squatters Board game.

For 2016 we are introducing more options

The Fiddy K: 50kms
The Middy K: 25kms
and the Kiddy K: 10km

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2016 4 Seasons 3hr Series

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Remember when life was simple? Remember when you rode your bike to have a good time?
When you rode because it felt good and the company you rode with and the tracks you rode were more important than having 1000 categories to choose from and a big list of swag to choose from.

Well CTMBC are taking it back.

We're stripping away all the hype and complications and just having a fun series of 3hr races celebrating the seasons.

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RedAss NSW DH series #3 Lithgow Wrap

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What a weekend


, trail is dusty, none of the rain predicted through the week landed. Conversations amoung the trail crew went a lot like "If it doesn't rain tonight the trail is going to be blown to bits come racing."

Rain threatened, The Friday night the heavens openned a little.


Weather was miserable drizzlely rain that wasn't heavy, wasn't that cold but the longer you stood in it the more miserable it got.

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